UK, Wytch Farm

UK, Wytch Farm: faulting and unconformity related to the break-up of the Atlantic

Wytch Farm field, UK. The lower Cretaceous breakup unconformity at about one third from the top. Faulting is largely related to the breakup. The crossing faults in the middle are correctly handled. Data courtesy BP.

Notes: excessive strain in case the unconformity is ‘missed’, see four images below.

1. Original interpretation. Showing the unconformity (purple, top) and the correlation of the first horizon (Cornbrash, yellow). Across the main fault the first horizon of the left seems to continue in a strong uncoloured event on the right side.

2. Unfaulted without honouring the unconformity. The interval between the unconformity (purple, top) and the first horizon (Cornbrash; yellow) is heavily compressed on the right side of the main fault.

3. Unfaulted without honouring the unconformity, heavy strain patches.

4. Unfaulted honouring the unconformity, strain patches resolved by the unconformity.