One-legged life

In 2005 I lost my right leg due to arterial thrombosis on a flight to Houston. This page shows that one-legged life isn’t too bad.

2014 Avontuur 2 in Smerig Gat - Photo Marleen Kooij
2011 Sailing the Zalmschouw Avontuur2, with Inger and Mattis.
2015 Yoga in a side canyon of the Grand Canyon.
2015 Rafting down the Grand Canyon for two weeks.
2015 On the south rim with my adapted folding bicycle.
Many times: StLuc, recovering from the towbar lift, with Marleen.
Not too steep skiing down towards the village. Skies can’t cross.
2012 Iceland, pumice fields of the Askja 1875 eruption.
2013 Laugavegur with the (klein-) kinderkaravaan.
2012 Landmark booth at EAGE Copenhagen.
2013 Playing bassoon in the cottage overlooking Lake MacDonald, North of Montreal.
2014 Oman black smoker in the top part of the ophiolite.
2014 Oman Moho discontinuity between crust and mantle.
2014 Iceland flying over the Holuhraun volcanic fissure eruption.
In July 2015 I walked over these lavas.
Slokkert Muziek Weekend. At the end of every summer.
Camping in the garden and playing music in the Stal.

2017 Grand Canyon

Jam session at Pablo’s Kitchen

Inger, Marleen and Anne

with Steve Bryant (primarius of the resident string quartet).