European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers
The Nigel Anstey Award 2021

Presented to the authors of the best paper published in First Break in the past year. 

Kees W. Rutten

And co-authors 

Daan Den Hertog and Geert-Jan Vis

Nigel Anstey Award 2021


For their paper uncomformity mapping in the Schoonebeek oil field, the Netherlands, published in First Break, Vol. 38, November 2020. 

This is an impressive paper on the oldest oil field in the Netherlands (date of discovery 1943, development started by Shell (NAM) in 1947), with STOIPP (stock tank oil initially in place) of 1000 MMBBI. The field straddles the border between the Netherlands and Germany, where it is known under the name of Emlichheim. The field was shut-in in 1996. It was then redeveloped with horizontal wells and steam injection, and oil production resumed in 2011. The authors used seismic data acquired prior to the redevelopment in 2005, which became publicly available in 2010. They applied unconformity mapping techniques to three unconformities to clarify the stratigraphic relationships of the Early Cretaceous reservoir to its underlying and overlying successions, by providing a view that is unbroken by faults and that honours the erosional gaps of the three unconformities. The unconformities document the local subsidence, uplift, erosion and infill in great detail, enabling precise identification of likely remaining reserves. 

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